V-Moda limited edition True Blood Maker Zinc Metal Headphones revealed

True Blood Maker Zinc Metal Headphones

Fans of the famous vampire TV series can now add one more signature device to their collection with the recently released limited edition of the True Blood Maker Zinc Metal Headphones by V-Moda. This audio peripheral is embellished with identifiable designs and components commonly seen on the show, like the black Zinc metal coffin pendant and the blood red transparent jewel.

The 400 limited edition headphones are individually numbered and make for a supposedly perfect collector’s item. It has been crafted with patented die-casting metal processes and Kevlar-reinforced fabric cables. Featuring a unique geometric design, it claims to combine high-quality materials, advanced ergonomics and professional-grade acoustics.

“V-Moda is the original maker of the modern headphone industry and through the years has turned nearly 3 million high-end headphones. Like an older vampire who is stronger and has gained more powers over the years, V-Moda has amassed unique experiences in fusing rare materials, quality, ergonomics, sound and durability,” commented professional DJ and Chief Visionary Officer, V-Moda, Val Kolton.

These new headphones are believed to deliver vibrant bass and vivid mid-range sounds. It equips high-fidelity 8mm V-Masque drivers for consistency and Bliss 3.0 fittings. The company opines that their new headphones have been conically shaped with hybrid-silicone to perfectly fit users’ ears for enabling a comfortable aural experience.

The V-Moda limited edition True Blood Maker Zinc Metal Headphones can now be bought for a price of $150 from the HBO Shop as well as online at v-moda.com or store.hbo.com. It is accompanied by a two-year V-Moda premier warranty, an Italian-designed carrying pouch and the immortal life replacement program which offers a 50 percent off lifetime discount to replace consumer-damaged headphones.