User-friendly Doro HandlePlus and HandleEasy Simple Mobile Phones announced

HandlePlus and HandleEasy phones A Sweden-based company, Doro, has recently launched two new mobile phones “HandlePlus” and “HandleEasy” that can be considered the simplest ones in terms of user-friendliness in the market today.

The Doro HandlePlus 324gsm has only seven buttons but does not have any display screen, with up to five numbers able to be pre-programmed on this ergonomic handset. The handset is described as perfect for consumers with limited hand functionality or merely looking for a simpler alternative to current consumer phones. The HandlePlus 324gsm, it is priced at $160 or £79.99 and can be purchased from BioAcoustics.

The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm has a LCD display with four pre-programmable buttons. The handset buttons are bigger in size to make it easier to press. It also includes additional features such as a number pad for dialling non-programmed phone numbers, a high-contrast LCD display, a vibrator ring tone and speaker phone capabilities. The HandleEasy 326gsm is available close to $210 or £99.99 at BioAcoustics and from January it will be available at Argos.

Mobile phones are used by everyone, from youth to the elderly people. According to Doro the handsets are suppose to be for users who have hand disabilities or simply for other persons that want a basic phone instead of something with the latest technology.

The important thing that a person should be aware of while purchancing the mobile is that these mobile phones are not equipped with camera or Bluetooth or WiFi or any of the high-tech features that you see in current phones.