New browser extension takes off those pesky Facebook stickers from comments

Chances are high that you’ve clicked on this link owing to your immense dislike for Facebook stickers which have just started popping up in your comments, as if it wasn’t enough that they had invaded your chats prior to this. If that’s true, Unsticker.Me is the browser extension you need in order to rid yourself of the annoying cartoon icons.

The open source utility has been developed as a pet project by Rodney Folz who is currently interning at Pinterest, and who describes himself as someone who hates fun. But what’s important is that he hates Facebook stickers so much, he has developed at application to completely block them.


There are different versions of Unsticker.Me for the Mozilla Firefox and the Google Chrome browsers, and they can both be downloaded now for free through the Add-ons for Firefox store and the Web Store, respectively. Since it’s open source, if you know a bit of coding, you can make sure to check whether it’s toying with your privacy on Facebook or not.

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What this extension effectively does is that once it’s installed, it clears up any stickers which are appearing in your News Feed. They are replaced simply by text saying ‘[sticker].’ This means all the stickers that have invaded your space due to their entry into the comments section will vanish.


But then, what about those stickers that thrive in your chats and messages? Unfortunately for you, the Unsticker.Me extension isn’t able to wipe them off. Such an ability might be doled out to the tool in an updated version of the software in the future. For now, you can can download it for Chrome through here, and for Firebox via this link.