Universal Music Group collaborates with FreeAllMusic to provide legal downloads

Universal Music Group Logo

Music lovers have a new app to look forward to in their mobile phones. Universal Music Group has joined hands with ad-sponsored digital music download service FreeAllMusic.com to provide users with officially authorized downloads from UMG’s broad digital catalog comprising of musical artists who are chartbusters for free. This news was proclaimed by David Ring, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Business Affairs for UMG’s eLabs, and Richard Nailling, Chief Executive Officer of FreeAllMusic.com.

By means of this affiliation, thousands of tracks from several of the world’s most famous artists will now be accessible in FAM’s present private beta period, where users can be supplied up to 20 free downloads for each month, five per week, beginning every New Music Tuesday. This is said to be based on the usage patterns of an archetypal ‘hits-oriented’ iTunes user. FreeAllMusic.com is believed to be maintaining its ‘walk before we run’ thinking in gradually increasing its user and advertiser base.

FreeAllMusic.com’s Richard Nailling, commented, “For the first time, a legitimate free music download service is making ‘doing the right thing’ easier than piracy. Our site is fast, easy and fun for consumers. The addition of UMG’s artists from Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Taylor Swift and Jay Sean means people can count on FAM to offer an excellent selection of DRM-free music for just about every taste.”

David Ring, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Business Affairs for UMG’s eLabs, stated, “Free All Music has created a new advertising model that connects fans, artists and brands. It provides an opportunity for fans to support the artists that they love, and brands to build loyalty with existing and new consumers. Universal Music is committed to enabling and supporting services that provide engaging alternatives for fans looking to legally download music.”

FreeAllMusic.com is claimed to be a new music service that offers users with downloadable, high-quality, iPod-compatible MP3s of popular songs. These songs are advertiser-paid, free, authorized, and unhindered i.e. DRM-free. One can be given a lasting, high-quality download which they can view anytime, anywhere with no additional advertising or limitations, in exchange for seeing one small video ad for each download on the FreeAllMusic.com website. Apparently, no software is needed for running the service. Users’ music selections and sponsoring brands are then marked outwardly via an opt-in, consumer-informed digital advertising network.

To download a fee track, registered users can just choose a participating brand they favor, and view a concise video from that brand. Following every download, FreeAllMusic.com is said to provide supplementary advertisements for that brand across certain websites. Visitors to those websites can view the ads which exhibit details about downloads, supporting brands, and of course FreeAllMusic.com. If users want to share with their friends, information about their download can be mailed to them. Legally, even they can download it for free, if they view the ad. In social networking sites, one can publish their downloading activity.

Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. TV, Zappos.com, Lionsgate, LG, inconcert3D, and Powermat are the charter brands for the private beta period. Users can receive their free music lawfully, brands may expand their loyalties, and artists could get remunerated no differently than the tracks bought, thereby crafting a fair balance to all participants.