Uninor introduces low-cost service-based internet plans in India

Uninor, one of the telecom operators in India has decided to turn its attention towards service-based internet plans from those which are based on volume. This carrier’s main ambition is to increase its 2G internet penetration by twofold and in order to do so, it has come up with some really cheap plans which start at 50 paisa per hour.

In case you are a Uninor subscriber and wish to use Facebook for only about an hour or so in a day, you absolutely do not have to pay for an entire month’s internet. Simply pay half a rupee and get access to the social networking website for an hour. It is basically useful for those people who are not much into web surfing. For accessing the SNS for an entire month, you only need to pay Rs 15.

Uninor Logo

Similarly, there are plans for another internet-based service which is pretty popular in the country. We are talking about none other than the instant messaging application, WhatsApp. The plans for the app start at Re 1 for an hour and range up to Rs 15 per month.

As of now, these service-based plans are only available in areas like Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. The carrier plans to gradually take it other states where Uninor provides its services which include Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the entire Andhra Pradesh. The data plans will hit the latter three regions in a month’s time.