UC Browser and Facebook partner to offer real-time notifications in India

If you use the popular UC Browser to access the web and also to browse Facebook, both companies have created a partnership to augment your experience on the social network. The Chinese software maker has announced that customers will be treated to real-time notifications when they use the web browser to access the SNS.

This works just like push notifications with an experience similar to what you’d get from the dedicated Facebook app on Android and iOS. And this capability comes built into UC Browser and it doesn’t require you to install any add-on or make any changes to the settings. This will prove to be fairly useful for those who prefer using a single tool for all their internet needs or users with aged smartphones where running multiple apps is not feasible.

UC Browser

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To enable the push notifications feature, all you’ll have to do is get hold of the latest version of the web browser and enable the Facebook Notification option from the Add-on menu by logging into their account. What’s more, you’ll be treated to alerts even after you’ve exited the application so that you’re constantly updated.

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And if you rather not get disturbed by unnecessary alerts, you’ll be able to customize what type of notifications you’ll receive. This isn’t the first time the app from UCWeb is showing the social network some love. Back in June, the company released a ‘Browse Facebook Faster’ add-on which improved loading times on the SNS. This was made possible by using the company’s proprietary Cloud Acceleration technology.

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For reminder’s sake, make sure you have the latest version of the UC Browser application installed to get Facebook push notifications support on your device.