UC Browser’s 10.0 version for Android with Lollipop-inspired UI out for download now

Some big changes have rolled in along with the new 10.0 version of UC Browser for Android which is available for download through Google Play Store right away. Before this, we saw version 9.5 of the web surfing tool being introduced with faster speeds, a web application center and an image viewer amongst other features.

Apart from bug fixes that arrive as standard with practically every software update, UC Browser 10.0 also comes with a redesigned user interface and improved management of tabs. The navigation page looks different now and all the settings are served up in a much simpler manner than before. But these are not the only significant changes to rock the latest version of the tool.

UC Browser

The developers behind the browser have revealed that a new intuitive and dynamic gesture control feature has been included within the application. It enables a refreshed tab management system which permits users to easily switch between the various tabs that they have opened. Incognito browsing, Smart Downloading, the ability to control videos via gestures, custom themes and more tag along too.

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Only last week, UC Browser was in the news for its Diwali Shopping Festival that was kicked off in partnership with various online retailers. It has an option to let potential buyers compare offers from various online stores in a single place. We blew our cash long before Diwali began. But for those of you who shopped using the web surfing tool, did you win anything?

UC Browser App

UC Browser is a free download of around 13MB which works with devices working with Android 2.2 or higher. There’s an HD variant of the tool just for tablets running on Google’s mobile OS. For simpler phones which can’t handle the standard version, a Mini spinoff of the app is also available.