Unique Twitter test to find out if you tweet like a fourth grader

A new Twitter test has come to the conclusion that that US President Barrack Obama tweets like a seventh grader, something that’s bound to make him reflect inwardly on his grasp of the English language. The study has found out that about 33 percent of all the tweets on the website are of fourth grade reading level.

Data from some of the biggest celebrities on Twitter such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have been included in the study as well. Apparently, the kind of tweets the Canadian teenage sensation Bieber, writes puts him in fifth grade level. Lady Gaga’s tweets too were found to be of fifth grade level by the test.


According to a report on NDTV Gadgets, this Twitter test was conducted by Time Magazine with the help of a newspaper reading comprehension survey called Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG). If you’re wondering what that hard-to-pronounce word means, it’s something that seems to be nonsensical.

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A large number of Twitter tweets were downloaded with the help of the Twitter API and were run through a SMOG test written in JavaScript. One reason for the low levels at which these tweets were scored has to do with the fact that the micro-blogging site does not allow users to type more than 140 characters in a single post. This means, long words sometimes have to be shortened and grammar compromised, in order to get the message across.

In the Twitter test, it was also found that a small number of people managed to produce twelfth grade tweets. But the fact that around 33 percent posts of are of the fourth grade reading level is quite amusing.