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Twitter Starts Testing TikTok-Like Reaction Videos

Twitter Tweet Take

In what seems to be another bid to make its platform more creator-friendly, Twitter has introduced TikTok-style reaction videos. These are being called Tweet Takes and they allow you to react to a tweet by recording a video or even by clicking a photo.

This test is live now on iOS and can be accessed through the Retweet button. While hitting that button would normally give you the option to Retweet or Quote tweet, it now also has the option of Quote tweet with reaction. Those who had familiarized themselves with Twitter’s short-lived Fleets feature will feel right at home while using this trait

That’s because Fleets also allowed users to share tweets with their own commentary in a full-screen format. However, these Fleets, which aped the Stories features on so many other apps, never managed to catch on and the company was forced to pull them off its platform within just a month of launch.

But while Fleets were limited to their own space on the top of the mobile interface, the Tweet Takes will appear on the main timelines of users. At the moment, it’s unclear whether they will play only in full-screen mode or also in windowed mode but iOS users will be able to find that out soon.

Reaction videos are a big thing on social media. They were first popularized by TikTok, which called them Duets and allowed any creator to record a video commenting on any other person’s video provided the original maker had given their permission for the same. Not too long ago, Instagram Reels got their own version of this feature in the form of Remix.

As we said, the Twitter Tweet Take feature is limited to iOS for now but we can expect it to be made available for Android in the coming weeks.

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