SonyTwitter Blue Arrives Again, This Time With Stricter Rules And Costlier iOS Subscription

Twitter Blue Arrives Again, This Time With Stricter Rules And Costlier iOS Subscription

Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter Blue, the option that gives users access to premium features and the coveted blue tick, is back after its new version was taken down merely two days after going live. The subscription can be accessed for $8 on the web but costs $11 on the iOS App Store.

The higher markup on the iOS version of Twitter Blue is to make up for the 30 percent commission Apple applies to in-app purchases. That doesn’t necessarily mean Apple users will be forced to pay more. They can always access the subscription via the web to save cash.

This time, Twitter Blue members will get a blue tick on their profile only after registering with a phone number. More importantly, changing the handle, display name or profile photo will remove the check mark until the account is reviewed again.

Blue subscribers will also receive the ability to edit their tweets, while their videos will get uploaded in 1080p resolution. A reader mode for better display of long threads is also included in the benefits of this premium service.

And while the blue tick is reserved for individuals, business accounts will soon start being displayed with gold ticks, while gray checkmarks will be slapped on government and multilateral accounts.

What’s more, there are a number of new features in the works for Twitter Blue members. Among them is a 50 percent cut in the number of ads they see in their feeds and the ability to upload much longer videos.

Another upcoming Twitter Blue feature is that members will see their tweets appearing at the top of replies, mentions, and searches. Meanwhile, Twitter is also known to be working on encrypting DMs and introducing voice and video calls to its platform.

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