Twitpic for iPhone app official

Twitpic For iPhone App 01

The Twitpic for iPhone app has just gone live and it brings images into the picture, apart from just the ability to tweet. This application enables owners of Apple smartphones to share interesting pictures and videos as they are taken.

Apart from sharing snaps and videos, users can also view the content uploaded by the people they follow on the SNS. Making the entire experience more interactive is the fact that the app allows commenting on the uploaded ‘twitpics.’ A lot of other trending images or content will be accessible via the app.

Just to make that moment picture perfect, the software arrives with a built-in photo editor to enhance the images taken. Basically, pictures can be edited with tools for adjusting their colors and hiding blemishes, if any. Moreover, the utility features photo filters that should lend the images several effects and lighting.

Twitpic For iPhone App 02

“All of us here at Twitpic are extremely excited to announce the official Twitpic app for the iPhone! The official Twitpic app lets you share beautiful photos and videos easily as they happen,” states a post on the official Twitpic blog.

With Instagram being a forerunner in the snapping up department, we wonder if this new contender could indeed give it a run for its money. Android loyalists may have to wait for a month or so in order to avail of the app, as revealed by the development team.

The Twitpic for iPhone app can be downloaded via iTunes.