Tweets with photos and hashtags are getting more re-tweets

The next time you’re looking for your Twitter posts to be re-tweeted by more followers, do make sure you add images and hashtags to them seeing as a study has found them to be vital in getting people to engage with the content you share. This study also shows how important photographs are for the micro-blogging site, which explains why it has been focusing on this aspect a lot in recent times.

A digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting from Framington, Massachusetts, has revealed that using images, hashtags and links in your tweets gives you a greater advantage in terms of getting people engaged. The firm conducted the research on around 2 million tweets to make sure the observations were as balanced as possible.


Those tweets which contained photographs, hashtags or even links were re-tweeted 68 percent of the time as compared to 30 percent of text-only posts. Moreover, 74 percent of tweets that contained media were given the thumbs-up by users of the micro-blogging site, whereas for text-only posts, the number rests at 38 percent.

The study in question has also come to the conclusion that tweets comprising of hashtags get re-tweeted 49 percent of the time. On the other hand, they only receive the said treatment 32 percent of the time if there are no hashtags in them.

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An interesting observation which this research has made is that the time of the day has very little effect on your chances of getting re-tweets. The percentage of getting re-tweeted deferred only from 35 to 37 percent over a 24-hour cycle.

Pictures and hashtags have hence turned out to be great catalysts for bringing in re-tweets on Twitter. So you know what to do the next time you want to maximize your chances of being heard on the site!