Turn iPhone into a universal remote control

iPhone Remote Controller

Now-a-days the renowned proverb – ‘comfortable as an old shoe’ doesn’t stick around as restricted to some device’s functionalities. If really pay heed, there wouldn’t be a single piece of work that Apple iPhone can’t execute efficiently, yes the help of certain accessories is needed under all seasons. According to ChipChick, phone bugs can now metamorphose their iPhone into a universal remote control.

Seemingly, the accessory that’s going to glue on the board of support is Re Accessory. Users can now define unlimited rooms with an unlimited number of devices. To acquaint, Re is an IR based universal remote control plug-in accessory for the iPhone that can substitute every other remote control at home.

Reportedly, the accessory attaches to the base of the handset and mutates the iPhone into a fully functional universal remote control by actuating its accompanying app. It can even capably learn IR code from existing remotes and helps users in customizing button images. Moreover, the device further shuns off the necessity of Wi-Fi to operate either, reveals ChipChick.

So, go beyond the set horizon of usage and explore how iPhone turns into a universal remote control.