Network OperatorsTruphone intros Affordable International Calling Plan in the UK

Truphone intros Affordable International Calling Plan in the UK

Truphone logo Mobile operator Truphone has announced a revolutionary pricing structure that offers its UK subscribers an affordable way to make international calls sans the pricey roaming charges usually associated with it.

The new international calling plan enables customers to call countries that fall in its “Tru Zone” just for a price of $0.06 per minute to landlines and $0.30 per minute to mobiles from anywhere in the world! A Truphone-to-Truphone mobile call is always free, no matter where in the world the two parties are.

The countries that fall in the ‘Tru Zone include most EU countries, Australia, Japan and Russia. Calls to certain countries including China, Hong Kong, USA and Canada costs even less at just $0.06 per minute to bother landlines and mobile phones.

Truphone has also eliminated roaming charges for receiving mobile calls abroad, something that routinely impacts travellers who don’t realize that they pay a high price for inbound calls. Receiving a call abroad is much more affordable with Truphone.

“People don’t know how much they’ll be charged to make a mobile call to friends abroad or to call back home from holiday. But they do know it’s expensive .We’ve made it simple for customers by eliminating roaming charges. Now they can pay the same low price to make a call, wherever they are in the world,” explained James Tagg, Truphone’s CEO.

“Wi-Fi and the Internet, which we use to carry our customers’ calls, is almost everywhere. Those on holiday, expatriates, migrant workers, business people, anyone with friends, family or colleagues in a different country… they can all now sidestep high international roaming fees. People should be hanging up on roaming charges, not be hung up on them,” Tagg said.

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