Truecaller updated for Windows 10, now gets better caller ID and more

The Truecaller app for Windows Phone has been updated for Windows 10 Mobile and now features a bunch of much-needed improvements. Even more recently, the popular caller ID application was announced to be pre-loaded on Samsung’s Tizen-based Z3 handset.

With regards to the latest version of Truecaller which has been prepped for Windows 10 Mobile, it sports an entirely new design and boasts of an easier setup process. The changes cover list view screens such as search results, call history and Discover.

Truecaller Update

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But most important of all, the blocking features added to Truecaller claim to be more efficient than ever against scam or spam callers. It allows you to build a custom block list to ignore unwanted calls. Hidden or private numbers can also be flagged. There’s an additional option to block Top Spammers in your area.

Windows Phone device users will be able to get a general idea about the location from which they’re getting a call as well as the name of the cellular service involved, courtesy of the area code and mobile number in question. Another handy tweak is the automatic introduction of relevant data to call history.

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To put it simply, the update sees your call history being automatically populated with available information such as the names and profile photos of those who dial you up. Lastly, ‘after call’ identification enables you to check who called, save a contact or report spam without having to open the Truecaller app.

Follow this link to get Truecaller from the Windows Phone Store. It is also present for Apple iOS and Android devices. The app’s a free download; so there’s no harm trying it out.

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