TripIt Windows Phone App for travelers

TripIt Windows Phone App After paving its path through iPhone and Android handsets, TripIt app travels into Windows Phones, for people constantly on the move. This free app makes travelling easier by organizing all plans in one place and enables sharing this information with others.

With this app, travelers will have all the required information on their handset instead of having to relentlessly search it in the inbox. All they are required to do is forward confirmation emails of their travels to [email protected] TripIt will then automatically generate an itinerary containing all the travel information with driving directions and maps along with information on other essential journey requirements. This can be easily shared with other companions on the trip, eliminating chances of miscommunication between groups.

“Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games, like TripIt, from Concur, which help users take advantage of the phone’s dynamic design,” shares Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp. “TripIt is a great example of the rich applications that people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace to get the most out of their phone.”

The TripIt Windows Phone app also supports TripIt Pro, a service with add-ons that are offered for $49/year. Along with organizing and sharing information Pro keeps the traveler updated with status alerts and fare refund opportunities. It also gives access to frequent traveler points that it aggregates in one place. Complete with organizing features this app may just be the solution to the travel predicament of many Windows Phone users.

The TripIt Windows Phone app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.