TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant now for Android handsets

TripChill Android Planning trips will no longer be difficult for Android smartphone owners as TripChill now offers a feature-rich web browser experience for Android users. The application supports a wide range of handsets including the most recent HTC Hero.

TripChill presents an innovative web interface that allows users to manage their TripChill itineraries while on the go. Users just need to visit TripChill’s official website via their handset and they are automatically forwarded to the Android specific web interface, to create an account, view and edit their travel itinerary information.

President Alex Shore, remarked, “We continue to improve the TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant to make traveling easier for our customers. We are now extending our powerful ‘touch’ mobile interface to travelers that are using Android smartphones so that they can view and update their itinerary information quickly and easily as changes occur during travel. This new mobile interface leverages the power of the advanced browser capabilities that the HTC Hero and other Android phones have, providing an intuitive touch experience that is simple to use when rushing around an airport terminal.”

“Additionally, TripChill is now offering offline viewing of travel information for both Android and iPhone users. Our customers have asked for this feature so that they can review their upcoming travel information even when they are disconnected from their data service, allowing them to always be prepared for their next course of action during their travels,” he continued.

Further, Android owners can even configure friends and spouses to receive automatic updates about their travel status like flight departures and awaiting arrivals. Recently, TripChill also unveiled offline itinerary viewing for both Android and iPhone travelers. Travelers can now view their itinerary information when their handset is out of range or disconnected (Airplane mode) from their cell service provider.

With this travel assistant, TripChill aims to make traveling easier and hassle-free.