TRAI proposal for call drop compensation to be out on October 15

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will announce its recommendations on compensation to consumers for call drops on October 15. It’s also planning to release a service paper on the issue within a few days.

TRAI recently held an open house discussion on call drops, where all the major stakeholders put across their views on the matter. Airtel said that as per the conditions in the license agreement, network providers are only required to offer street level coverage. It’s not necessary for the network to reach inside buildings.

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The participants in the debate can submit their written opinion on the problems talked about by October 5. TRAI chairman RS Sharma stated that the authority was additionally going to come out with a report which will explain the factors causing call drops. The document will apparently present the ground situation of the issue in data terms.

The service paper will supposedly help consumers choose a brand by detailing which company is providing better services in a region. TRAI is also going to publish the results of its recently conducted call drops test drives in a few days. The performance review took place in Mumbai and Delhi.

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PTI reports TRAI additionally carried out investigations in five other cities including Pune and Ahmedabad. The body is also considering making it compulsory for network operators to divulge its network capacities on a regular basis. The authority feels this move is necessary as the call drop menace needs to be examined thoroughly.

TRAI’s consultation paper on compensation for call drops received strong reactions on both sides of the case. The regulator had previously published the comments it got on the document. The opinions varied from consumers favoring the proposal to companies opposing it.