TRAI mulls tighter norms, user refunds for global SIM card companies

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is all set to recommend tighter norms for companies selling international SIM and calling cards. It’s also looking into whether refunds should be offered in cases of unsatisfactory service.

TRAI apparently put together an SMS-based survey a few months ago, asking people if their international SIM card worked as promised when travelling. 50% said that it did, 30% said it didn’t work at all, and the 20% left claimed it only worked partially.

The results of the survey gave TRAI enough cause for concern to arrange a meeting in March 2017 between itself and the 8 to 9 companies involved to get an explanation for the below-average service quality. Representatives from brands like Oneworld, Matrix and Uniconnect were present, fielding questions about the matter.

SIM Cards

As per PTI, TRAI wanted to know if the problem lay in the SIM cards or had something to do with connectivity issues related to the foreign country’s telecom operator. It even sought to find out if perhaps the consumers themselves didn’t follow proper procedures for dialing.

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A person familiar with the matter claims that TRAI is going to recommend a tighter check to keep an eye on much business a firm is generating and how many cards they’re selling. The authority might also be mulling over a refund process for prepaid users and compensation for postpaid customers if the SIM card refuses to work.

TRAI’s additionally thinking of mandating a 24-hour call center support system. If the body’s recommendations are accepted by the Telecom Department, offending companies will have to reimburse consumers when their calling card fails them abroad.