AppsTRAI conducts mobile customer satisfaction survey via web and Android app

TRAI conducts mobile customer satisfaction survey via web and Android app

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) wants to make it easier for mobile phone subscribers to complain about telecom services via the web or an Android app. It’s latest move in this direction comes in the form of a survey questionnaire which will let users give instant feedback on the quality of services delivered by their network operator.

There are regulations in place to ensure that telecom companies are toeing the line when it comes to fulfilling the minimum quality benchmarks for mobile services. These parameters were set by none other than the TRAI itself and under them, a penalty fee may be imposed in case the standards are not maintained. The regulatory body can levy a fine of up to Rs 50000 in such instances.


The TRAI also declared that a penalty amount of Rs 100000 may be collected from repeat offenders. Since more and more people in India are gaining access to the Internet as well as smartphones, it makes sense for the telecom authority to ask for feedback via web or mobile applications. The Android app is available to download through the link posted below, in the form of an APK file.

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All you have to do is download and install it on your smartphone, and then start answering the questions put forward to you. In a nation populated by inexpensive Android handsets, it’s easy to see why the TRAI didn’t bother with an iPhone app. You could alternately save yourself some trouble and go to the aforementioned web page in order to take the survey directly online.


The Android app as well as the web-based consumer survey form are available on the official TRAI website’s Consumer Info section through this link. It asks mobile phone subscribers for feedback on various aspects such as customer care services, network performance, value added services and more.

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