AccessoriesTouchMagix debuts MagixFone in India

TouchMagix debuts MagixFone in India

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The ability to connect smartphones to HDMI televisions, have now become a common functionality. Today at the Taj Vivanta – President in Mumbai, the MagixFone was introduced as a product which assists users in connecting their handsets to a display. Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar and R Balki together doffed the silk off this product which has been conceptualized, designed and manufactured by TouchMagix Media. Along with the MagixFone, the company even raised the curtains to showcase the MagixTable.

The MagixFone is an amalgamation of hardware and software which lets users connect a display to their handset. It can be paired with any mobile phone model. Users can even access messages and calls through the screen using this solution. The device integrates a multi-touch driven interface that is capable of responding to human touch and gestures. This offering has been designed to be portable and effortless to install.

Anup Tapadia, the founder of TouchMagix Media, said, “My exposure to Silicon Valley has helped me find gaps in touch driven technologies currently present in the market. The MagixTable and the MagixFone have interactive applications that will make room for a new segment of marketing channels, to interact with the consumer. These products will create unforgettable experiences for its users which would lead its foray into the consumer segment. The use of this interactive technology has no boundaries. It is the next generation in the space of interactive media. Their uses are limitless.”

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R. Balki, commented “As marketers, we are always on the lookout for innovative way to reach to the consumer. This product has the ability to interact and engage the consumer; there is so much you can do with this technology with its usage being endless in the use of medicines, restaurants, etc. It helps makes conversation with users more simplified and allows for customization through this technology.”

The MagixFone is capable of converting any digital signage into an interactive one. As an added benefit to advertisers, this solution provides user interaction statistics with which they can measure the impact of a campaign using this media. Moreover, customers can receive multiple incoming calls on a single display by pairing several MagixFone devices to one CPU. Developers may use the open APIs to create interactive content for this medium.

The company expects the initial application of this product to be in brand and corporate communications and later it anticipates the product to infiltrate the consumer segment. Users can procure the MagixFone from today for Rs. 150,000.

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