Tom & Jerry Mobile Game to be Developed by GlobalFun

Tom & Jerry Mobile Game Screen Shot

Turner Broadcasting together with GlobalFun has announced to develop a mobile game known as Tom & Jerry. This game is meant for the casual gaming audience. As the name suggests the game is based on the cartoon Tom & Jerry which is featured on cartoon network.

This mobile game is based on property and features Tom & Jerry in a maze action game. The final name of the mobile game is yet to be announced. The game’s main aim is for fans of cats and mouse.

Casey Harwood, Senior Vice President, Interactive, Wireless and Communication, explained, “All the games commissioned with GlobalFun to date have been very popular with Cartoon Network viewers. Tom and Jerry has been a firm favourite with our audience so creating the game will increase our offerings for children.”

The gamer while playing this game needs to guide Jerry (mouse) through 12 challenging and fun levels which are being located in the house, garden and basement. The player at the same time needs to avoid the traps as well as the cat Tom.

In the game the levels contain power-ups, traps, hidden rooms and passages that in combination with a well balanced game design and outstanding graphics provide for a fun and entertaining game.

No one knows when this mobile game will be made available and no word on the price as yet.