SoftwareTocquigny brings out TripCast iPhone app for adventurers

Tocquigny brings out TripCast iPhone app for adventurers


Chrysler’s SUV Jeep has now become a symbol of adventure, outdoors and strength. Thus, in order to connect the brand Jeep with its aficionados, Tocquigny unveils the TripCast iPhone app for those who love adventure. With the help of social sharing and location-based check-ins, users can relay their adventures through the Web or mobile.

“TripCast was an opportunity for Tocquigny to demonstrate our bench strength in the areas required to create a relevant app that would be a contribution to Jeep’s target audience. We integrated our knowledge of behavioral marketing along with our specialized expertise in interactive, social and mobile to create a one-of-a-kind experience for iPhone users. Our clients know that 2010 is the year for mobile. In addition to mobile application development, Tocquigny has seen a rise in demand for all mobile projects, including mobile website optimization and mobile media placement,” stated Yvonne Tocquigny, CEO of Tocquigny.

With over 250,000 outdoor recreational spots in the app’s map, travel buffs have a wide range of locations to choose from. The app boosts place-based social sharing which has been previously established by geo-location platforms such as Gowalla, Foursquare, and Facebook Places.

Moreover, this software will help users collect and pin audio clips, video, status updates, photos and music to check-in points along their travel route. These can then be shared with friends and family through Twitter and Facebook. Subsequently travel buffs can archive their memories in the form of an electronic scrapbook as it can be stored and shared.

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