Titanic Rescue by Donut Games comes for iPhone

Titanic Rescue App

This one is definitely a distraction from that busy grey matter! Bringing heaps of fun, Donut Games has recently released a new application, Titanic Rescue, for iPhone users.

With Titanic Rescue, players can take part in crazy Marine Rescue Operation as they save passengers from a sinking cartoon ship. Players need to bring forth empty lifeboats to catch the passengers.

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In the game, players need to make sure they don’t bounce off the vessel’s edge, a pile of sacks, a boat full of jazz musicians or any other crazy obstacle that might come floating. The challenge is – ‘how long can one keep the passengers from plunging into the sea’. Featuring brilliant graphics, the Titanic Rescue game offers endless fun.

The Titanic Rescue App can be snapped up for $0.99 from Apple’s App Store.

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