This app won’t stop the alarm until you take a selfie

Snap Me Up is the name of a new and unique app that can be used by you to set alarms that will only be stopped when you take a selfie with your smartphone’s camera. Available only for Android devices right now, this offering can be downloaded for free through the Google Play store.

The version that you’ll get will have ads in it unfortunately, and moreover, there’s now premium version available for it as well. Anyway, Snap Me Up wants looking at yourself to be the first thing you do when you’re awoken by it.

When the alarm rings, it automatically triggers your smartphone’s front or rear camera (it’s up to you to choose which one) and presents you with a shutter button to click a selfie with. It even has the ability to detect your face, so you can’t fool it by clicking any random picture just to shut the alarm up.

This beautifully designed colorful app is built with material design elements in mind. Apart from usual alarms, it also lets you set nap alarms of a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. And even these will need to be stopped by clicking a selfie.

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Another interesting feature of Snap Me Up is its ‘My sleepy snaps’ section. It basically stores all your alarm selfies into a gallery for you to look at them afterwards. Lastly, a Chronology section shows all your past alarms in an organized manner.

Like we said, Snap Me Up can be downloaded on Android devices free of cost now through the Google Play store.