ThinkGeek Joystick-IT iPhone arcade stick rolls out for enhanced gaming

ThinkGeek Joystick-IT iPhone

Though joysticks may sound outdated to some, this one may probably be considerable as an upgraded controller. The ThinkGeek Joystick-IT iPhone arcade stick strives to enhance the gaming experience on touchscreens by providing a physical joystick for improved precision.

The device works with many games, particularly those employing any kind of on-screen control pad. Users have to just run the title, place the device over the on-screen control pad and push down on it. The exterior of the gadget is made in such a way that it temporarily glues to the display of the handset. The arcade stick is a light and solid milled-aluminum piece of engineering.

Gameplay ought to be quite competent due to the precise movement and quick response time offered by the stick. Just pulling up the add-on will detach it from the screen. The laser etched crosshair design on the top adds on to the thumb grip. It does not require any batteries or cables to work.

The ThinkGeek Joystick-IT iPhone arcade stick is compatible with any gadget that possesses a capacitive touchscreen. However, it may not work properly with games that use swipe and joypads with variable on screen locations or complex finger based gestures. The device is tagged at a price of $17.99.