The Global Village Introduces TextCall And WebCall Phone Services

Zoom Global Village The Global Village, which is a division of Zoom Technologies, launches its two phone services, TextCall and WebCall.

These are call back services designed to save call costs on international phone calls. They do seem to be useful for the business people.

Both services can be used worldwide free of any charge and are managed from a single web account. The users can now make calls from mobile phones as well as office and home phones at a lower cost.

TextCall service is a user friendly service wherein the user just needs to SMS the phone number he desires to talk to Global Village, who in return connects the user to the messaged phone number. This service also packs a free option as Dial-by-name and Callback-my-landline.

WebCall, on the other hand, offers inexpensive speed-dialing via a PC, phone, or other devices that can access Web. User can directly dial the phone number here. WebCall integrates PC-Call a Global Village Windows application. It is a free application that imports a list of speed-dial from Microsoft Outlook and other contact managers.