GamesThe Division 2 Update 1.51 Brings With It Gear, Manhunt Fixes and More

The Division 2 Update 1.51 Brings With It Gear, Manhunt Fixes and More

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The makers of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 have released update 1.51 for the game to add several new features to it. Among them are fresh fixes to the Manhunt part of the game as well as improvements to the gear, weapons, and talents.

Update 1.51 has been released for all versions of the game so players on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Amazon Luna can now take advantage of the changes. It’s a pity though that cross play in The Division 2 is still absent for all these platforms.

Here are the exact patch notes for this update:


  • Fixed the issue where players were unable to start the Manhunt if they quit the game during the interaction with Wally at the Castle Settlement.
  • Fixed the issue where the Elite Minitank NPC appears as an Enemy Leader in any Black Tusk invaded Control Point the Global Difficulty is set to Challenging.
  • Doctor Home Exotic Rifle is no longer the only exotic awarded when completing General Anderson Climax Mission.
  • Fixed Multiple clipping issues affecting Wally model in the Castle Settlement.
  • Fixed the issue with Wally not moving her mouth while speaking.
  • The fix is available in all regions except MENA.


  • Fixed the issues with Habsburg Brand Set gear pieces not requiring Habsburg Guard Materials for crafting at the Crafting Station.
  • Fixed the issue with the Headache Talent from the Hotshot Gear Set resetting if the bullet that is shot hits multiple surfaces or props, despite having the Blessed Talent equipped from the Hotshot Backpack.
  • Fixed the issue with the Headache Talent not giving more armor bonus after activating the talent 6 times, even if the player has no armor bonus in the armor bar.
  • Fixed the issue with the locked Habsburg Guard Brand Set mask blueprint not being displayed in the Crafting Station Masks tab.
  • Fixed the issue with the dye slots not changing the appearance of the gloves from the Habsburg Guard Brand Set.
  • Fixed the issue the Sacrum Imperium Exotic Marksman Rifle Reconfiguration blueprint not requiring an Exotic Component for reconfiguring the weapon at the Crafting Station.
  • Busy Little Bee Talent’s damage per stack value is now 2% in PVP environments and displayed correctly when toggling item details in View PVP Stats mode.
  • Added Season 10 gear to the general loot pool.


  • Fixed minor clipping issues for the Yellow, Green and Pink Tracksuits.
  • Fixed minor clipping issues for the Season 11 Season Pass reward track masks.
  • Added missing textures between the Gamology Pants and a couple of shoes.
  • Fixed the issue with the Heartbreaker jacket clipping with multiple pants.
  • Fixed the issue where the visuals didn’t change after replacing one pair of vanity gloves with another pair of vanity gloves.
  • The issue is still present on Firewall Gloves.
  • Fixed the issue with vanity items dropping as loot or being obtained as loot from Field Proficiency Caches.


  • Added the outfits to the cache in the cache menu: the picture from the Apparel Cache tab will change based on the current running Apparel Event.
  • Fixed the image size for the Seasonal Menu.


  • Fixed the issue with access to South and West DZ being blocked if the DZ East Recon mission is not completed before WONY walkthrough.
  • Fixed the visual bug affecting Weekly SHD Requisition Project & Weekly Summit Project rewards – Exotic Cache should now be displayed as a reward.
  • Fixed the issue with starting and completing “The Pentagon” Main Mission with maximum level characters that have not completed the Pentagon intro Side Mission (Pentagon Breach) before going through the New York walkthrough.
  • Fixed the agent’s hand clipping with the Sacrum Imperium Exotic Marksman Rifle and Relic Named Marksman Rifle.

Recently, the makers of The Division 2 also issued a statement regarding an exploit that some players are using to gain “excessive XP” in a short time, leading to high latency in the servers.

The perpetrators have been warned that this will result in a temporary ban of 14 days at first but repeated usage of this exploit will eventually lead to a permanent ban from Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.


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