The Astonishing Tribe Home for Android phones unveiled

TAT Home

The Mobile World Congress which is currently underway saw The Astonishing Tribe bringing out the first release of TAT Home. This new outing is noted to be a gesture-powered 3D Home screen fashioned for Android phones.

It merges superior UI technology with a great appearance. Everyday tasks like Messaging, Weather, Contacts and Music can easily be carried out from the Home screen itself. TAT Home also supports standard Android Widgets as well as unique widgets which come complete with and innovative interaction methods and 3D graphics.

“The number of Android manufacturers is growing and as this number grows, so does the need for differentiation – both for brand recognition and to capture market share. Android is only a framework and requires a lot of additional work by device manufacturers. While the volume of smartphones purchased will continue to rise, their prices will continue to slip, forcing manufactures to stay on top of their costs as they bring new phones to market,” commented Kevin Burden, Practice Director, Mobile Devices, ABI Research.

“We are passionate about enabling and creating great user interface design. Today our advanced UI technology powers every tenth phone shipped globally. With TAT Home we offer a fast track for OEMs, ODMs and operators to create a very attractive and differentiated user experience on Android devices. With unique, graphically rich and interactive widgets in TAT Home, our customers can engage daily with users where it really matters – on the face of the phone,” revealed Charlotta Falvin, CEO of TAT.

The first release of TAT Home is packed with loads of important features. These include the Widget Fan which offers a vibrant overview of the widget panes. Via the smart gesture-enabled design, customers can go instantly to any desired pane. This can be done with a simple flick of the thumb. Over the following days, navigation becomes much simpler as the muscle memory will remember just where the widgets are located.

There is a comprehensive set of Widgets fashioned with TAT Cascades. These include the Weather Widget, Clock Widget, Messaging Widget, Music Widget and Contacts Widgets. Another feature incorporated into the first release of TAT Home is easy blending of any standard Android widgets.

The Astonishing Tribe Home is currently being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.