TeleNav Track GPS Services released by AT&T

Telenav AT&T logo AT&T and TeleNav have together launched a new GPS enabled mobile resource management service for its customers. It is particularly meant for corporate customers that will help them in enhancing productivity and accountability of the field-based employees. Through this application, the employer can be updated about the locations and minutest details about their workers.

Igor Glubochansky, director, industry solutions, AT&T Business Solutions stated, “By expanding AT&T’s TeleNav Track portfolio, we’re able to provide customers of all sizes with the ability to leverage mobile resource management solutions to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is through reducing the amount of time drivers are spending on the road or by tracking resources to increase accountability, these solutions can positively impact the bottom line and raise the level of service provided to customers.”

Ravi Acharya, associate director of B2B marketing at TeleNav mentioned, “In tough economic times, companies are continually searching for tools to help them operate more efficiently and lower operational costs. TeleNav Track provides AT&T’s business customers with powerful, yet affordable, solutions to better manage their mobile assets and operate with increased speed and efficiency.”

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This tracking service will offer real-time visibility of exact locations of their employees and will dispatch operations in addition to improving customer service. This Web-based MRM solution offers utmost ease as it can function without installing a software or GPS on the mobile device. It is compatible with almost all AT&T devices, laptop cards and wireless equipped notebooks and works on the company’s wireless network.

Through the maps and reports provided by the application, managers and owners can manage people and work in a better as well as organized way. Employees can have a constant view of the location of all mobile resources through the tracking feature.

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