Network OperatorsTelcos opinions on net neutrality paper vague and irrelevant: MP Chandrasekhar

Telcos opinions on net neutrality paper vague and irrelevant: MP Chandrasekhar

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar has dismissed telecom operators concerns over differential pricing for data services, terming its opinions as vague and irrelevant. He opposes any move towards such a system and thinks network companies could end up owning parts of the internet if it’s allowed, negatively affecting customer choices.

Chandrasekhar had submitted this opinion to TRAI as a counter comment on its Differential Pricing for Data Services report. According to his statement, the vague feedback and claims made by service providers in the context of a level playing field can be ignored as they are irrelevant to the question being asked in the paper.

Several telecom brands such as Vodafone and Idea sent across its opinion on the matter. The general consensus was of support for different pricing for various platforms. Airtel had even called for a separate tariff rate for VoIP calls, a system which had landed it in trouble with its customers last year and kicked off the net neutrality debate in India.

Firms like the Software Freedom Law Centre are completely opposed to the plan. It asserts that all calls, whether it’s made through the internet or traditional telephones, are the same. As per PTI, Chandrasekhar further pointed out that operators claims of profits falling down is contradictory to the evidence found in its quarterly reports which saw significant revenue growth.

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Chandrasekhar went on to say that service providers were supporting differential pricing as it would allow them to take over the internet via gatekeeping, leading to a scenario where the entities misuse its control and raise its profits. The MP thinks this system will negatively impact consumer choices in the long term by making web-only companies unable to compete.

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