Network OperatorsTelcos given 15 days to tackle call drop issue

Telcos given 15 days to tackle call drop issue

TRAI has given telecom operators 15 days to sort out the industry’s call drop problem, after which it will conduct a performance review. The authority warned companies that action could be taken against them if they failed to adequately address the issue.

The ultimatum was given out during a meeting between TRAI Chairman RS Sharma and the CEOs of various leading network providers. The high-ranking executives present in the gathering included the likes of Vodafone India’s Sunil Sood, Bharti Airtel’s Gopal Vittal and Reliance’s Gurdeep Singh. The basic issue raised during the assembly was the severity of the call drop crisis and the need to solve it quickly.

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According to the last survey conducted by TRAI, most of the telecom companies were falling short of the required standard for call drops. The upcoming performance review will take place in cities like Delhi and Mumbai and assess whether any improvements have been made in their service quality.

Sharma has promised to consider imposing penalties on the providers if they fail to enhance their network. He went on to guarantee the government’s support to help in dispelling radiation fears. The chairman stated that TRAI will work with authorities to correct misapprehensions and bring out studies to demonstrate how mobile towers don’t lead to health hazards like cancer.

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Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also gave his thoughts on the matter in a separate event at the Economist India Summit. As per PTI, the politician explained that while he’s not presently thinking of introducing any kind of fine, he wouldn’t rule it out if the situation doesn’t improve.

Prasad further said the government was doing all it could to alleviate the crisis. Rather than focusing solely on the more profitable data sector, the minister urged network operators to invest in voice services as well.

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