GeneralTeens prefer mobile apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, SnapChat over Facebook

Teens prefer mobile apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, SnapChat over Facebook

Not very long ago, we had come across a report which suggested that teens like YouTube more than Facebook. But the video sharing website is not the only reason why these kids have turned away from the famous social network. Apparently, they are all busy chatting on instant messaging services like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Line, WeChat and more.

Facebook has witnessed a decrease in the number of early teens on the website and even though they continue to have profiles on the SNS, they do not update it regularly. The reason, according to The Guardian, is that they have found the aforementioned instant messaging services and multiple other applications like them which allow them to stay in touch from absolutely anywhere.

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There are multiple advantages of these apps. One of the most obvious one is that they facilitate real time conversations and even group chatting. Users can easily share images, videos, location and even send voice messages. Expressing their views is also possible as these applications let them keep a status message and some of the apps like WeChat even permit people to connect with those who have similar interest or those in the vicinity.

Apart from these, there’s SnapChat that has caught the fantasy of many as it deletes images forwarded to friends a few seconds after it has been sent. Instagram is another picture-sharing service that let users show of their photography to the entire world. Also, most of these mobile utilities are limited to the people who are in your contact list which means you can connect with real friends instead of broadcasting your personal content to the entire Facebook community.

Do you agree with this, or do you still think Facebook is better than all these mobile applications? Do get back to us with your views and opinions.

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