T-Mobile offers the iPhone in Germany for just €99

iPhone T-Mobile customers in Germany are all set to grab their hands on the father of all phones, iPhone. T-Mobile has slashed down the iPhone 8GB model prices to a mere €99 for its customers.

This extreme step by T-Mobile could be due to the soon predicted entry of the 3G iPhone which could make the 8GB version more or less obsolete. The original price of the iPhone 8GB with T-Mobile is €399 and the current price is only €99, making it quite a ‘Grab on’ deal. With a steep decrease of 75% in price, T-Mobile also expects their sales turnover and customer base to rise. This special pricing offer of iPhone 8GB at €99 is applicable from April 7 through June 30 topped up with a 2-year contractual plan.

The price of the iPhone 16GB is not altered in any way and remains stable at €499. The 3G iPhone is expected to reach markets anytime between May to June 08. So this is an innovative strategy chalked out by T-Mobile which will serve two purposes, one is getting more customers latched on to their network and the second is clearing the older versions of iPhone as the 3G iPhone arrives.