Synchronica Mobile Gateway Email Platform for iPhones introduced

Mobile Gateway Software for iPhone Synchronica, a mobile synchronization and device management company has announced software called Mobile Gateway. With the use of this software UK iPhone owners can now convert their new handsets into a business phone which has secure corporate e-mail service free of cost.

Mobile Gateway is the only seller offering such a solution to iPhone users so that they can receive push Email from Microsoft Exchange accounts without the need for additional software to be installed on the iPhone or behind the firewall.

Mobile Gateway offers a free trial for UK iPhone users. The trial is been running in US from August and about 10,000 consumers have already changed their new handsets into business phones using e-mail on mobile.

Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway has a free trial of 60 days on signing up that iPhone users can receive their corporate e-mail without installing any additional software on handsets or behind the corporate firewall.

Mobile Gateway provides a link between the iPhone’s built-in e-mail client and Microsoft Exchange, thus it perfectly complements iTunes for ensuring fast secure sychronisation of all business data.

iTunes synchronises calendar and contacts with Microsoft Outlook while Mobile Gateway keeps iPhone connected to corporate e-mail when the user has left the office. Emails sent from the iPhone via Mobile Gateway automatically appear in the “Sent Items” folder of the user’s Exchange account as if they had been sent from the user’s PC.

Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Synchronica commented: “I know that those who have finally got their hands on the iPhone in the UK are going to love their new handset just as much I love mine. The iPhone is an iconic device with an exceptional user experience, and probably the first to deliver the complete web experience on a mobile device. Mobile Gateway closes the main gap in its functionality by connecting the iPhone to corporate Exchange mailboxes.”

Users need to visit the synchronica site to register their iPhone with Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway to start sending and receiving e-mail immediately.