Swipe Ultimate Tab tablet/laptop hybrid with Windows 8.1 introduced in India for Rs 19999

A brand new Swipe Ultimate Tab device which is essentially a tablet-laptop hybrid running on Windows 8.1, has been launched in India. It carries a price of Rs 19999 and is being backed by Intel who is clearly trying hard to get into the center of the mobile platforms scene.

The chip maker’s quad core 1.83GHz Atom processor has been embedded in the Swipe Ultimate Tab and this is supported by 2GB of RAM. The key feature of the gadget is its convertible form factor owing to the removable keyboard which comes bundled along with it.

Swipe Ultimate Tab Hybrid

The aforementioned accessory attaches to the Ultimate Tab via a magnetic magic connector whenever you want to use the hybrid in laptop mode. It offers the usual connectivity options like Internet support via an external dongle and Wi-Fi.

Quite understandably, Swipe has not added the voice calling function to its latest product seeing as you’d hardly want to raise a 10.1-inch tablet to your face and talk to someone. A big 8000mAh battery powers the device for an unspecified amount of time.

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There’s no microSD card slot inside the Ultimate Tab. So you’ll have to make do with its 32GB of internal storage. For photography needs, a 5MP camera can be found on the rear panel of the gadget, while a 2MP one sits perched above the screen.

Swipe Ultimate Tab Hybrid

Swipe Ultimate Tab specs run-through:

– Intel Atom 1.83GHz quad core processor
– 10.1-inch 1280 x 800p IPS touchscreen
– Windows 8.1 OS
– 5MP and 2MP cameras
– 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory
– Support for connectivity via a dongle
– Multi-function, removable keyboard
– 580 grams
– 256.4 x 171 x 9.5 millimeters
– 8000mAh battery

The Swipe Ultimate Tab is listed under a slightly altered name on Flipkart, because why bother with proper branding, you know. It is available in the color black through this link.