SWAT Elite Troops for Mobile Phones announced by Vivendi Games Mobile

SWAT Elite Troops and Vivendi Games Mobile logo Vivendi Games Mobile has announced the launch of ‘SWAT Elite Troops’ which is a sequel of the SWAT Force mobile game.

The SWAT Elite Troop mobile game features ‘The Tactical Decision’ a system that forces players to make immediate, split-second decisions. The game also includes a new, improved aiming system which raises the intensity and accuracy of gunfight battles.

At the launch of the game Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile stated, “The original SWAT mobile game was a tremendous hit and we are thrilled to deliver fans even more advanced game play and functional features with this sequel.”

He further added, “The game’s awesome artificial intelligence, detailed graphics and interactive environment are sure to stun even hardcore gamers.”

SWAT Elite Troop for mobile offers 16 levels with 3 different side challenges. Players lead a team of three highly trained officers through 15 authentic crisis situations to safely rescue hostages and minimize enemy casualties.

The SWAT Force was named ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ in 2006 by the Spike TV and also received an Editor’s Choice Award from IGN. SWAT Elite Troops for mobile is based on the successful and award-winning SWAT PC franchise from Sierra Entertainment.

The SWAT Elite Troops mobile game is now available on mobile phones in Europe’ while in North America it will be released in March 2008.