Survey says internet connectivity biggest fear for Indians on the move

A new survey by Opera claims that a majority of Indians fear not having an internet connection while traveling. The need for a strong internet connection even managed to surpass other fears like losing a phone.

According to IANS, nearly 34.5% of the participants said they lived in dread of not being able to go online while on holiday. Only 6.9% of them lay in fear of the high roaming bills which usually accompany accessing the internet when traveling. What’s more, just 7.8% of the survey subjects were concerned about losing their smartphone on a journey.


Opera asserts that individuals prefer having constant online access since they want to use it to share updates. About 32.8% of Indians utilize the internet for their social media posts and 28.4% take advantage of it to get more information about the place they’re visiting. 17.2% use GPS to navigate unknown terrain and 16.4% consume data to stay connected with family and friends.

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The study also uncovered some interesting things which people are prepared to go without for the sake of a problem-free internet connection. 13.8% are ready to give up food for a day, 14.7% are willing to stop showering for their entire vacation, 33.6% were keen on not drinking for an evening, and 28.4% said they wouldn’t use a restroom for 6 hours.

A previous travel survey had notably found that 95% of Indians favor Facebook over other social media sites to stay in touch while on holiday. Apparently, most individuals fear they’ll miss out a vital update when traveling, which in turn compels them to comment on posts.