SugarSync: Online backup and storage for Mac and Pc iPhone users

sugarsync, online storageProgressing towards true validity, cloud computing and deployed web applications are steadily finding their global positions. Sharpcast confidently brings their SugarSync online backup/storage solution to the iPhone, competent to Apples revised Mac Service, MobileMe pushing Cloud based computing to Joe MacUsers.

With effortless back up, sharing, media and personal files access capabilities, the award winning SugarSync is designed to keep all your files (documents, videos, pictures etc) synchronized across any of the devices you use to access the web. Letting you configure folders that you choose to synchronize through SugarSync’s servers, the SugarSync Manager positions itself perfectly on your Mac or PC. With absolutely no installation required on every single machine, you can simply add a picture file from your desktop in the Magic Briefcase and later access it from any computer at work, from your iPhone or from any other handheld device.

The newly developed iPhone-esque sliding-panel lets you browse through your files effortlessly. Accessing selected files that you want to upload from your home computer is hassle free. Just direct any browser to the personalized URL that you are assigned on registering your SugarSync account. By taking pictures with the SugarSync mobile photo application you can upload photos from your mobile phone to the SugarSync mobile photo manager.

The cloud based storage service needs a little time to get used to with both the Sync Manger and the Magic Briefcase. Different files that are accessible from any other computer can be uploaded with the SugarSync Manager. File size is not a problem as SugarSync lets files of any size to be uploaded to synchronize across all computers. The files can be downloaded to a single computer, simply stored online or emailed to friends and family via a link downloadable within 3 weeks.

With many exciting iPhone applications to be launched soon, SugarSync is an excellent alternative to MobileMe minus the push email services. The powerful web application lets you manage files online and is a great cloud storage solution. The application is available for a free trial at the SugarSync website.