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Subhiksha Helpline Service for Mobile Buyers introduced in India

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Subhiksha Mobile, a retail outlet for selling mobile phones offers a helpline to its customers to compare the lowest available prices for handsets from the rest of the market.

When a consumer wants to purchase a mobile phone they usually cross check the prices in the market and like to make a choice and then buy it.

But somehow even after doing this they tend to pay more money. Hence now a buyer just needs to make a phone call to Subhiksha and find out the cost. If the price offered to the buyer is more than Subhiksha Mobile’s quoted price, the buyer can bargain the cost.

In spite of that, if the customer does not get the desired value for money then they can directly go to a Subhiksha Mobile outlet and purchase the mobile phone.

On the launch of the helpline offered by Subhiksha Mobile Mr. Mohit Khattar, President, Marketing, Subhiksha Trading Services commented, “Subhiksha Mobile is known to offer mobiles at the lowest prices and for safeguarding consumers’ interests. Our helpline service now places pricing information directly into the customers’ hands so that before they buy they are aware of what is the lowest price available to them.”

He further stated, “We genuinely believe that this service will help minimize instances of customers discovering later that they could have actually paid far less for their favorite mobile at Subhiksha.”

The customers who wish to compare the prices of mobile phones from Subhiksha Mobile can call the help line number across Indian cities which is 60607777.