82% Indians reported to be anxious about missing out when not online

A new study has brought to the fore some very interesting implications about Internet usage in India, prime among them being the fact that 56% of the web-browsing population cannot last for more than 5 hours without getting the itch to go online. This survey talks a lot about the country’s relationship with the web since the future is going to be all about a connected ecosystem.

The facts and figures have been taken from the new ‘Connected World II’ report by Tata Communications. It says that 46% of all respondents spend 6 hours or more in a day actively using the Internet, while globally, this figure stands at 29%.

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More importantly though, around 82% of Indians who were part of the study said that they were indeed victims of the ‘fear of missing out’ which has come to be known as FOMO. Apart from India, six emerging and developed nations were also included in the study.

It has been revealed that 9417 people were surveyed for the report, with 2117 of them hailing from India. The other interviewed parties include France, Germany, Singapore, the US and the UK. Furthermore, it has been found that Indian men spend more time on the Internet than the women in the country.

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However, the findings are a bit different when it comes to which gender feels anxious or lost when not connected to the Internet. This fear apparently affects 21% of the surveyed Indian women, while it was found to be bothering only 16% of the men.

As revealed by The Times of India, the study has also disclosed that tablets and smartphones are being preferred over television by Internet-using Indians, as 43% are willing to abandon the latter.