Spy Call Software Technology for iPhone users

Flexispy iPhone Spy Call FlexiSPY has recently unveiled the spy call software for the iPhone. Apparently, it is the first commercially available spy call software for the iPhone.

The company offers solutions for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia-Symbian devices. The software is extensively used to supervise and protect teenagers, employees, to investigate infidelity and criminal activity. The spy call software monitors text messages, email, call logs, location tracking and offers cell phone call intercept (phone tap) functionalities.

Like an audio bug, even the spy call facilitates users to secretly switch on the iPhone microphone from any other handset, and listen to the immediate surroundings. The company provides software iPhone Spy packages with different performance levels for iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS models- Basic, Light and Pro.

“FlexiSPY has helped thousands of people worldwide protect loved ones and understand the reasons for relationship problems. We are also particularly proud of the modest part we have played in bringing criminals to justice. Given the success of the iPhone, we will be able to offer these benefits to an even greater audience,” commented Marc Harris, Marketing Manager of FlexiSPY Co Ltd.

“Our customers continually confirm that FlexiSPY is the most powerful spy phone solution available anywhere today, and that the benefits of its technical sophistication really becomes apparent to them when actually used in real life situations – particularly features such as remote uninstall that protect their confidentiality. We decided to introduce the iPhone BASIC for cost sensitive customers who can now experience a professional grade upgradable product at a price that is much cheaper than the alternative low-quality products that are easily detected and often result in customers getting caught,” he continued.

FlexiSPY is premium spy software that does not reveal any installation details, and is undetectable. The software offers the ability to remotely disable and uninstall itself. The software uploads data by means of GPRS or Wi-Fi connection to globally distributed secure servers. The servers can access the data from user web accounts. It also features a map display with control options that assists in tracking historical and real time. Further, email relaying capability is also offered which forwards captured data to a user specified email address.

FlexiSPY iPhone Light is like the Pro, except the spy call feature. The Basic version does not provide remote control and email capture capabilities. It is offered starting at $39.99 per quarter. Discounted upgrades from Basic to Light or Pro are also included. The software can be purchased online and offers direct download to supported mobile devices from the FlexiSPY.com.