Sprint Drive First application for safe-driving

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If parents are at tethers-end every time their teenager is driving, then they may find some solace in the Sprint Drive First application. This app automatically locks the mobile phone when the car exceeds 10 mph (speed is determined by use of GPS and cell tower triangulation). It not only disables functions of the phone but also directs calls to voice mail and silences sms /e-mail alerts.

While the Sprint Drive First engages and the driver is on a call, then that call will abruptly end and phone’s lock screen will appear. Also, if anyone texts the driver then they will automatically receive a message notifying them that the person is driving. This message can be customized by the account holder. If parents want to reach their kids when the phone is locked, they can program up to five phone numbers as well as allow any three apps like weather, navigation or music, to function.

“Sprint Drive First is another action Sprint is taking to encourage its customers to use their phones responsibly behind the wheel,” shared David Owens, vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “We want to help our customers arrive at their destination. Texting while driving makes drivers four times more likely to crash their car. The person you want to call or text will be there when you get done with your drive; we want to make sure that you are, too.”

The app unlocks and full device functionality recommences when it doesn’t sense movement. But, since it’s also programmed to take stop-and-go traffic into account, users might have to wait for a few minutes before it unlocks. Exit and emergency 911 buttons are displayed on the locked device’s homescreen, to override the app, when driving. Plus, parents/account holder can choose to receive notifications when the app is overridden.

As a primary step to get the Sprint Drive First, parents are required to register for an account at sprint.com/drivefirst. The website will show a list of phones on their account and they can select the ones on which the app is to be downloaded. They will then obtain detailed instructions on how to get the app, to ensure safe-driving.

Sprint Drive First (powered by Location Labs) is now available for $2 per month per phone on all Sprint CDMA Android smartphones. BlackBerry users and other operating systems can avail this service in coming months. Software is required to be downloaded and activated for phones already launched in the markets. Whereas all Sprint Android smartphones that will be launched after late Q3 will have the Sprint Drive First pre-installed.