Spice Telecom intros Sabka Spice Offer – S300 phone and Connection Combo in Punjab, India

Sabka Spice launch

Spice Telecom, the brand name of Spice Communications Limited, has introduced a brilliant offer to revolutionize the use of mobiles in the rural areas of Punjab, India. Aptly titled the ‘sabka spice’ handset and connection combo offer, the deal aims to make it easier for rural Indians to own mobile connections by introducing a package that includes the unique S300 handset and a choice between Prepaid and Postpaid connections all at the reasonable sum of Rs. 599/-.

The offer is economically very attractive and may solidify Spice Telecom’s position in the rural mobile market. This combo package has the potential to increase the penetration of mobile services in rural areas. The current mobile penetration in Punjab is about 45.67%, but it mainly comprises of urban connections. Spice, with their ‘Sabka Spice’ package, intends to increase this penetration beyond 50% with their rural-centric approach to make getting mobile connections easier.

At the launch of this offer, Subodh Srivastava, COO, Spice Telecom, conveyed this intention of the company in clear words, “The Sabka Spice combo offer is our effort at inclusive development that gives the rural people an opportunity to go mobile with an offer that is affordable and customized to the needs of rural population.”

Mukul Khanna, the Vice President of Spice Telecom reiterated this message, “The Handset Combo offer is a novel way of enhancing our penetration in the rural sector. The teledensity in rural Punjab is around 20% compared to 80% in the urban areas, hence we are sure that the Sabka Spice offer will create a mobile revolution as it is an offer that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.”

The economic approach of the offer is evident from the packages offered which seem to be catered to the rural populace.

The Sabka Spice Pre paid Connection package offers advantages like:

  • Spice S300 handset with 3 years warranty
  • Spice Pre paid Connection (SIM worth Rs. 101)
  • 1 year validity (worth Rs. 198)
  • Zero rental for 1 year (worth Rs. 148)
  • Mega Pack– 1) 50 p/min: Spice to Spice local
  • 2) 65 p/min: Spice to local GSM number
  • 3) Rs. 1.10/min: Spice to local number
  • The Sabka Spice Post paid Connection package offers advantages like:

  • The Spice S300 handset with 3 years warranty
  • Spice Post paid connection with Spice Zoom Tariff
  • Monthly fixed charge of Rs. 35
  • 10p/ min: Spice to Spice local
  • 75p/min: any other local number
  • The S300 handset is also tailor-made for use in conditions prevalent in rural areas. The phone’s battery has a long life, keeping in mind that it may not be possible for the rural consumer to recharge the phone frequently. The S300 has a standby time of 250 to 300 hours and talk time of 3.5 to 4 hours. The phone is also equipped with a unique smart Audio Interface System that calls out alerts on the mobile, so that people who cannot read can also use the phone with ease. For instance, it calls out when connecting or disconnecting the charger or dialing a number. Another attractive attribute of the S300 is its speaker phone which has a reasonably audible output that makes it easier to hear even in noisy environments.

    Besides the above mentioned features, the phone also has a universal charger; thus it can be charged by the charger of any mobile phone. It weighs a mere 75gms making it convenient to carry around and also has a speed dial feature which allows the user to store the frequent used numbers and then access them with the touch of a button. The S300 also comes with two LEDs- red and blue. The Red LED handles the battery charging and missed call functions; it turns green on full charge and in the latter is represented by blinking 5 times per second. The Blue LED handles the function of network availability.

    Thus it is evident from the features of the Sabka Spice Combo that it aims to make mobile connections more accessible to the rural public of Punjab. At a low price of Rs. 599/-, the deal offers an economic package that includes a Spice handset and Spice connection. Hope it reaches out to the other rural zones of India as well soon enough.