Quick review of Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 smartwatch: Best and worst features

The Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 hit market availability through online retailer HomeShop18 in early July and it was initially announced to carry a price of Rs 4999. But the smartwatch is being sold for Rs 3999 currently and the discount of Rs 1000 seems to have done the trick. It’s out of stock on the seller site presently, but has got rave reviews from most buyers.

Starting with the design, the Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 appears to be some random Chinese rip-off of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, complete with the rivet details and all. The company is essentially saying ‘You wanted an inexpensive alternative and here it is. Just give us a minute to put our own branding on it.’

Spice Smart Pulse M9010

But we don’t like exposed screws on our devices unless they’re grabbing the steampunk theme and neither of the smartwatches in question are doing so. The wrist strap attached to the Smart Pulse M 9010 comes in black and you can also swap it for blue, green, red or yellow. The overall look isn’t high-tech or futuristic and it should blend in with most of your outfits.

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The Spice smartwatch is meant to be paired with your Android smartphone, but it can function as a standalone handset too. One review on HomeShop18 even claimed that it worked with an iPhone 5S, a detail you shouldn’t be quick to swallow. Besides, if you can afford an iPhone, you’d hardly want to be caught wearing a shady little accessory like this one.

The company has worked not one, but two SIM card slots into the small body to allow you to make or receive calls and even switch between numbers. Several utilities like alarm clock (the volume’s not very loud), calculator and FM radio connectivity make it to the features list. And you will be able to find a 420mAh battery if you care to take a peek under the hood.

Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 main specifications:

– 1.5-inch 240 x 320p resolution touchscreen
– 1.3MP camera with zoom
– 8GB microSD card storage
– Dual SIM card slots
– Alarm, calculator, FM radio, Bluetooth alerts
– 420mAh battery
– 41.7 x 53.7 x 13.6 millimeters

Changeable Wrist Bands

You can’t add any apps to the wearable, but you can listen to music by connecting earphones to the inbuilt port. This brings us to the part where we ask you if you’d find a 1.3MP resolution camera on your smartwatch useful. Chargeable via its microUSB port, the gadget may be able to handle tasks like email and web surfing, but do you really want to do all of that on a 1.5-inch display?

All in all, the Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 which can be found here, is cheap and great for impressing anyone who doesn’t claim to be a tech buff. But the ‘faithful’ Galaxy Gear design inspiration would be a turn-off for folks who care about originality.