Spice Mobiles: genuine IMEI numbers, registered in India

Spice Mobile Logo The importance of IMEI numbers has taken center stage these days. Now, Spice Mobiles has issued an advisory to reassure its customers that their handsets carry a genuine IMEI number. Further the company also declared that it is a registered member of the ICA (Indian Cellular Organisation) in India for manufacturing GSM and CDMA mobile handsets.

The legitimacy of Spice Mobiles’ handsets is certified by the ICA-Spice hologram, which is engraved on each Spice Mobiles handset.

Kunal Ahooja, Director & CEO, Spice Mobiles, explained, “We have been witnessing distress and panic in mobile users since past few days where issues are arising with handsets of all brands and we take this opportunity to reassure them that their Spice Handset carries a genuine IMEI number and they can be worry free on this.”

Spice Mobiles also claims that incase Spice Mobiles’ handset is deactivated due to any technical reasons, the company will restore the device immediately for free of cost, when brought to the Spice Authorised Service Centers.