GeneralSpeardtrum, Amoi, Kuro to offer Copyrighted Music Solution for Mobile Phones

Speardtrum, Amoi, Kuro to offer Copyrighted Music Solution for Mobile Phones

Spreadtrum Amoi and Kuro Logo Spreadtrum Communications, Amoi and Kuro have announced a solution for music phones in China. Amoi has already introduced two new music phones A616 and A636 especially for 2008.

The solution offered is designed for the mobile music market which brings high quality copyright protected music to Chinese mobile handset users.

Even then the poor quality of video and audio, copyright restriction of video resources and lack of music choices have been a limitation to the quick growth of mobile music phones. To date, there are few choices of copyrighted music services at a reasonable price available in the Chinese consumer market.

While the chipset makers, handset manufacturers, and mobile music carriers are looking forward to combine music playback functions with high quality sound and large music storage to bring the consumers richer music experiences.

Dr. Ping Wu, President and CEO of Spreadtrum, commented, “We are very delighted about this cooperation. As one of China’s leading wireless baseband chipset providers, Spreadtrum is devoted to the evolution of the wireless communication and multimedia handsets. ”

He further added, “Spreadtrum’s product range includes baseband chipsets for 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G handsets, specialized software, handset development platform, and AVS audio/video decoder chips. Embedding Kuro’s music copyright protection technology into Spreadtrum’s SC6600R platform, a high quality multimedia baseband chipset, the Amoi’s mobile phones using Spreadtrum’s solution should be able to satisfy consumers’ varied but growing levels of demand for copyrighted music.

He concluded, “We believe this solution enhances the performance and competitiveness of China’s domestic music phones.”

Huang Aiping, the vice president of Amoi, remarked, “As a leading domestic handset manufacturer, Amoi aims to be an outstanding provider for the music market segment of handsets. It always stands in the front line of the tide of music handsets. From monosyllabic times to the polyphonic era, Amoi has developed a series of products focusing on the consumer’s growing demands, and strives to introduce outstanding products which can bring richer musical experiences to consumers.”

The president of iPeer Multimedia International Ltd., Zheng Qicheng, stated, “Beijing Kuro Times Tech. Co., Ltd. is the partner of iPeer Multimedia International Ltd. in China. It has the current leading platform for domestic online digital music services. Kuro has not only pushed the development of digital music by linking the industry together, but also strives to cross different areas, launching innovative services that integrate original music, star pictorials, and karaoke with verbatim lyrics, using Spreadtrum and Amoi features.”

He continued, “Kuro also believes it strengthens the additional value of Amoi handsets through the enabling of intelligent song recommendations and community links. In the future, besides music-based handsets, the products with ‘Kuro Inside’ service are expected to include MP3, MPEG4, digital photo frames, U-disk, PC, notebooks and other consumer devices. We hope to bring a better quality of service and provide a new mode to all the Chinese hardware manufacturers, providing these partners with more competitive edges and product values.”

Features of the solution offered to music phones include:

  • Millions of Copyrighted Songs: Keeping risk of illegality and virus infection at bay.
  • High Quality, Original Music, Diverse Selection of Celebrity Photographs: Major record companies to provide the original audio files with photographs of celebrities. Supports three-in-one function integrating audio files, pictures and lyrics simultaneously.
  • To Go With Music: Days of sitting alone in front of a computer to listen to music will be over. Through, the latest and the most complete music can be easily downloaded, allowing users to enjoy wireless music anytime anywhere.
  • Dynamic Lyrics Easy Karaoke: Through the exclusive dynamic lyrics with the verbatim function, users can practice singing anytime anywhere by using Amoi’s music phones, and easily become a Karaoke star.
  • Online Hard Drive Supports Unlimited Storage Space for Songs: Nightmares of lack of memory space and continuously updating memory cards and flash memory will be over. Online music on demand is free to users as long as they are members.
  • Intelligent Songs Recommendation, Easy Download: Easy-to-use selection of songs and preserving them into one file, saving searching time.
  • Eternal Memory for Songs: The song playlist, which is time consuming to establish, will not be destroyed because of machine damage or updating. All those downloaded songs will be preserved online, and may be restored easily.
  • Dual-card Standby: A single phone has the capability of supporting two SIM cards, providing more convenience to users.
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