Spark Mobile brings 5 new handsets to India

SP77 Dura And SP 777 DuraCam

Spark Mobile announced its entry into the Indian mobile phone market last month. The company is now all geared up to unveil five new basic models. It unleashes its first two handsets called the SP77 Dura and the SP 777 DuraCam.

These two handsets are available with attractive prices and their features will be announced during region wise events, next month. Currently, the company is said to focus on teaming up with several distributors across the country.

“We are receiving an overwhelming response from the trade but in line with the company’s strategy, we are quiet stringent about the qualification criteria” said the Chairperson of the group Elaine Ester Roach. “While financial standing is important for any business, we are extremely keen on collaborating with companies with the maximum penetration, specifically in up-country markets and rural areas”, she further elaborated.

When asked about the financial criteria for distributorship, Roach clarified, “It will depend on the demographics and the catchment area they are serving, but as a thumb rule we expect our distributors to be able to carry stocks for at least ten days to a fortnight”.

The company has signed Bollywood superstar R. Madhavan as the Brand Ambassador of Spark Mobiles. The company also claims that the new handsets are value-for-your-money and pocket-friendly.

Users looking out for reasonable phones can grab these new handsets. The SP77 Dura and SP 777 DuraCam are priced at Rs. 2200 and Rs. 2700 respectively.