Spare Backup brings new app for Blackberry

Spare Backup Logo Blackberry users seem to be ushered with new applications ever so often. Recently we had reported about the YouSendIt Tracker app for the smartphone, and now a new version of the Spare Backup application has been launched for BlackBerry. The new application is meant to add ‘LiveSync’, a suite of new functionalities to the various cloud-based technologies produced by Spare.

The suite allows users an access to an enhanced yet simple automated backup solution for contacts, images, calendar entries and documents saved in the phone. The suite is aimed at permitting users to modify the content in their Blackberry right from a web browser. With this application, users can log onto their user website and send or receive SMS messages directly from the browser.

Spare Backup app, supposedly the company’s flagship product is an automated online backup service that selects, secures and stores files on the phone. These functions perform without any user intervention and keep creating backup of documents, emails, music, images and other PC files either continuously or depending on the user’s schedule.

The application is being made available through all Spare’s channel partners as well as the Spare Backup website.