Sound ID flashes in trendy 510 Bluetooth headset

Sound ID Headset

Annoyed by the sound breakage while using Bluetooth headsets? Here’s a reason to rejoice. Sound ID recently unveiled the Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset, a premium headset compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets.

The new 510 headset comes engraved in a lightweight ergonomic in-ear design that provides users a comfortable, anatomical fit. Its advanced sound engineering and one-of-a-kind sound system make it a truly amazing device.

The device is designed to be compatible with the new and free Sound ID EarPrint App that enables iPhone users to customize sound settings for the headset. With this integrated app, users can now program their own hearing preferences and control quality on both sides of the call.

“Sound ID strives to develop the most advanced Bluetooth products on the market and we think the 510 paired with the new Sound ID EarPrint App for iPhone users sets a new standard. On its own the 510 has excellent audio and noise reduction capabilities and is extremely comfortable. The 510 can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, but when used with the EarPrint App, it delivers new levels of personalization and convenience for iPhone users,” elaborated Michael Jones, President and CEO of Sound ID.

Sound ID 510 boasts of a unique 3X NoiseNavigation which is delivered through three microphones for fine-scale noise cancellation and advanced sound processing to eliminate background noise. The sleek and stylish device features ‘Touch Sensor’ for easy volume adjustment, and strong battery life for over five hours of talktime and 135 hours standby time. Apart from this, the integrated Multi-Point Technology securely connects with two Bluetooth-enabled phones and allows users to answer or dial calls on either phone. On the other hand, the Environmental Mode considerably amplifies sound while wearing the headset.

The Sound ID EarPrint App compatible with the Sound ID 510 features ‘Find Me’ control that helps users locate their headset when lost by pressing the ‘Find Me’ button, the ‘Visual battery indicator’ to check updated battery life, and ‘Personal Sound’ for the personalization of listening preferences.

The super-trendy Sound ID 510 headset will be up for grabs at AT&T stores nationwide and online beginning June 6, 2010 for $129.99. The Sound ID EarPrint is available for free from the App Store.